7th and 8th Grade Volleyball

The seventh and eighth grade volleyball teams are doing great this year! I asked Violet Turner, seventh-grade volleyball player, how she thought that their season was going. She said, “Pretty good because we practice every day and we have won every set.” I also asked Violet why she likes being on the team and she told me, “ You get to work with a lot of different people that are good at playing different positions.” I asked that same question to Emma, an eighth-grade volleyball player, and she said, “All of the supporters and we get to grow good friendships.” I went to one of their practices and watched them practice. They where working really hard and still having a lot of fun. When I asked Violet how the seventh-grade team prepares for the game, and she told me, “We always warm up and stretch, we also run a drill.” I asked Emma the same question, and she said, “We always talk about what we can do better.” 

Both the 7th and 8th grade volleyball teams won the All-City Championship this year! Looks like all of that hard work paid off. Congratulations girls!