What are the True Dangers of the Flu?

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What are the True Dangers of the Flu?

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Most kids and adults often confuse the common cold with the flu. They are two completely different things, and the flu just might be more dangerous than you think. So to get more information, I interviewed our school nurse at Cherokee, Cynthia Van Someren also known as Mrs. Van Someren.

So what is the flu exactly? “The flu is a virus and it mutates all the time that’s why you’re supposed to get your flu shot every year,” Mrs. Van Someren said.

What are some of the symptoms that we can keep an eye out for? “ It can give you Fever/Chills, sore throat, muscle aches, fatigue, cough, headache, and runny or stuffy nose.”

If you get your flu shot every year, what is the percentage of you getting the flu? “ Well, see that’s just it, we don’t know yet. There’s type A and B and you still have about 61-51% chance of getting it after the shot but it depends on the year.”

Have you known anyone who has died or who has been sent to the hospital for extreme measures cause of the flu? “Not anyone personally, but a 7th-grade teacher had a student who died and the head of the organization “Families Against Flu” had a son that died, and that’s where the organization started.”

What is the Flu Shot Bus and is it free? “ It is free, your parents just have to fill in the consent form. It’s due at least by November 1st.”

Well, there you go, make sure you get your flu shots and have a great year!

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