March Madness

March Madness is a series of National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) basketball tournaments that are generally held in March. The history of the games goes all the way back to the first NCAA Division tournament held in 1939. This tournament had only eight teams and in the end, Oregon beat Ohio State to take the title of national champions. Today there are a total of sixty-four teams and seven rounds. It all starts with Selection Sunday, which is when the selection committee reveals the full tournament bracket. From this, fans can make their own brackets of how they think the games will go and who will win each game. When it narrows down to sixteen teams, these games are called the Sweet Sixteen. Then it goes to the Elite Eight. After that, you have the Final Four, and then finally the two teams that compete to take the title of national champions.This year, the teams that made it to the Final Four are the following: Villanova, Kansas, Loyola Chicago, and Michigan. All of these teams have worked very hard to get where they are! The 2018 Final Four games will take place on March 31-April 2 in San Antonio, Texas.