Becoming a Freshman


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Modern high school entrance

Once you come to Cherokee, there is a possibility that you could stay there for 3 years. After 2 years of learning, it can get kind of boring. But your 8th-grade year has a spin. It consists of Job Shadowing, which is when you get to skip school to watch whoever you want. You also get to have many lessons which take up class time. But the biggest transition from being a 7th to an 8th grader is the responsibilities. You are trusted with so much more and you are allowed to do things on your own. The classes present challenges that test your knowledge every day. But after that, you probably go to Kickapoo. Yes, it definitely sounds scary because you don’t know if the higher grades will be nice or treat you like a baby. All of these classes that you choose become your schedule. At lunch, you might not be with any of your friends because all of the grades are mixed together. Personally, I have mixed feelings about it because I am extremely excited to pursue my future career while I am also nervous because of wondering if the classes are going to be too hard. Thankfully, the teachers at Cherokee help prepare you for many possibilities, and hopefully your ready!