China’s Space Agency Loses Control of Shuttle

Every day, scientists and astronomers are discovering more and more. This became clear when on March 25th, China’s first space shuttle was heading for Earth getting ready to crash. The name of the spaceship, which is Tiangong-1, means, “heavenly palace.” According to, it’s rumored that China’s lost all control of it.


The shuttle is said to be going at seven kilometers per second. Most people agree that it’s unlikely for bigger parts of the space shuttle to re-enter through the atmosphere.

Parts of the shuttle, like pieces of the rocket engine, could land on Earth, which is why researchers have been studying areas of where the shuttle could land. wrote this in their article, “The space station will reenter the atmosphere between 43 degrees North and 43 degrees South latitude.” There is a chance the shuttle could land somewhere in a big city, but the shuttle is more likely to land somewhere in the water.

Danger from the Tiangong-1 is barely likely, the odds for it to hit even one person is very slim. Just like any other meteor or rock trying to get to Earth, Tiangong-1 will be fighting against the Earth’s atmosphere. In the process of this, the atmosphere will be breaking bigger parts of the shuttle and creating smaller pieces.

Even though scientists try their best to make no mistakes, we all know that’s impossible. Tiangong-1 is proof of this, but scientists are working hard to make sure more shuttles don’t crash and burn.