Springfield School Walkout

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On March 23 at 10:30 AM, Springfield schools, including Republic and Rogersville, had a walkout. The walkout was advocating for common sense gun legislation. After the tragic Parkland shooting that killed 17 high school students and injured 17 others, Hannah Brasher, a student at Missouri State University, organized the walkout with the help of the several student ambassadors.

At 10:30, more than 300 Kickapoo students respectfully walked out of their classrooms and walked to the football field chanting, “No more silence, end gun violence.” Most of the students held signs and wore t-shirts saying “Walkout for our lives.”  When they were all at the football field, Grace Laflen, the Kickapoo high school student organizer, stood on top of a trash can and gave her speech. Many students after Grace gave speeches. Taylor Lowry was the last person to speak. Taylor stepped on to the trash can and yelled to hundreds of students, “We may be young but we are powerful!”

The students walked back inside at 11:30 while Taylor Lowry leads them in the, “No more silence, end gun violence” chant. “As students, we shouldn’t be forced to accept senseless gun violence as the norm; We should fight to be the ones to change it.” -Grace Laflen, Kickapoo high school.

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