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Many of you have probably seen the mannequins made of trash displayed around the school. They each have their own sign, and if you read it, it will give you information about what the mannequin serves to represent and stands for, and what the artists hope to spread awareness about.
I know a lot of people have seen and hugged the “Depression” one, as well as seen the “Be Happy” one. Those are just two examples of the better-known ones, seeing as they are in one of the main hallways in the school. Well, those aren’t the only two in the school. There’s also one in the eighth-grade hallway that stands to represent child abuse. Can you find any others?
As you walk by the mannequins each day, please do not purposefully knock them down or destroy them. Each one serves its purpose to raise awareness for whatever cause the artists’ decided to support. They have put a lot of time and energy into each one, so let’s not waste their hard work. Respect and remember their cause when you see these mannequins that represent so much more than reusing your trash.

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