Lots of us eat hot dogs but have we ever thought that the person that invented that tasty delicious food based it off of a dog.The dog you have to thank is the Dachshund. Dachshunds date back to at least 300 years ago.Dachshunds were bred in Germany.In Germany Dachshund means Badger Dog.


The Dachshund was bred for badger hunting games.Unlike the Golden Retriever,  Dachshunds could not let badgers through their legs due to how short they are.Today in Germany they call them Teckles. In America, we call them Dachshunds,  Wiener Dogs, and Hot Dog Pups. These names are due to length.

Dachshunds like to run.That is why we have races specifically for Dachshunds.People bring their dog out with their dog dressed in a hot dog costume,  they put them in boxes then off they go!They are likely to be a combination of The Pincher and the French Basset Hound.Dachshunds were once called Dachshund Sausages.

Pablo Picasso featured his Dachshund, (Lump) in several of his artworks.Dachshunds do have back problems.This is the cause of the most death of Dachshunds. For this reason, they should not jump off couches or jump off high places.If they need up on the couch,  buy some dogs stairs, please!


Dachshunds are brave but stubborn. Long hair Dachshunds have average grooming needs.They are small sized dogs able to sit in your lap.They adapt to any environment (especially apartments).They do have downsides though.

They need regular exercise. They live to be 12-15 years old.Some Dachshunds can be snappy when grumpy.They might also try to dig out due to their history of digging up badgers.This is why Dachshunds are good dogs.