CMS Orchestra

Madison Arthur
This is the full Cherokee Middle School seventh grade string orchestra.

On Tuesday, February 27th the Cherokee Orchestras gathered for a concert. 6th grade performed the pieces Dragon Dance and Burst, they had prepared for the contest and the 7th and 8th grade combined for their contest played the songs Night Shift and Knights Quest. During this concert, they were preparing for there contest in two days, and as the anticipation and nervousness grew the concert began.

The 6th-grade orchestra started off with tuning then they performed Dragon Dance after the performance parents and students alike commented “Great job!” “it’s amazing how well they can play after only 2 years!!!”. After that, they played Burst and received amazing comments again. They ended up with a 1 rating at the contest.
7th and 8th grade began with Night Shift and received rating like “ I loved how expressive the dynamics were.”, “Great performance!” and more. After that, they continued on with Knights Quest and received ratings like “ They sounded like a professional orchestra” and
“ Best middle school orchestra I have ever heard!” they received a 1 rating as well.