Body Painting

Body painting is a forgotten art and is highly misjudged. Most people say that body painting is inappropriate, but it is actually graceful. Body painting could be just your hands, feet, face, or even your whole body. Body painting can be pictures of a scenery, clothing or the artist personal style.

How is body painting done?  Body painting is done with an airbrush or a paint that is similar to face paint and sometimes is face paint. Body painting has become more popular from a Netflix show called Skin Wars. The judges on skin wars are RuPaul and artists Craig Tracy and Robin Slonina. With the host being actress Rebecca Romijn. The show takes 12 body painters and puts them up to hard challenges where there will only be one winner.


They have a World’s Body Painting Festival in Austria. There, thousands of body painters get to come together and show off their work. Some will compete in competitions but some just come to admire the art that is all around them.