Random Topic: Chairs

Chairs. The greatest invention to make people lazier since the wheel. The chair has evolved into many forms, including the Laz-y-boy, toilet, the swivel chair, etc. I can’t tell you the future of the chair, but I can inform you of their past and will utilize that skill.

Rewind a very long time ago, to early Ancient Egypt. Approximately 5,000 years ago, someone got tired of standing up. Keep in mind, however, that this was early Ancient Egypt. It was probably just a crocodile skin on 4 sticks. But chairs were about to evolve, well, “about” 2,500 years later.

The Ancient Greeks made a very elegant, nay, the most elegant design. This was probably due to the fact that they were the Ancient Greeks and therefore had to be the most intricate. It’s completely different, utilizing a back piece, or backrest. We still use that part, as we do other Greek ideas. (Cough, cough, democracy.)

In the 14th century, the more modern chair was popular. This was called the X-Chair. It was originally designed by the Romans, who took most of their idea from the Greeks. Then, as Ancient Rome was growing popular (Not in their rule), Europe adapted their idea.

In the 16th century, a new design was popular. This was padded, elegant, and comfortable. We still use this design the most, as you will notice by looking around. However, if you look around but no chairs are nearby, heed this disclaimer: This design is not invisible.

These are the major parts of chair history, because I don’t want to go in-depth as no one would read this. In the comments, feel free to share a great chair idea for the future. In the last article I made, (I think Fire Hydrants) someone asked what the next one would be, so I am considering an article on ladders.