Movie Review: Black Panther

Black Panther is a Marvel movie about a king from Wakanda, a fictional country built on a mountain of the strongest and most valuable resource on Earth: Vibranium. However, the outside world does not know about it. The king of Wakanda, T’challa, is overthrown by Erik Killmonger, an ex-military Wakandan who wants to send Vibranium out to his “war dogs” and use it to help his fellow Africans take conquer of the world. To rate it, I will use a 1-10 scale and add points for positive things, and vice versa.

Black Panther is a funny movie (As all Marvel movies are), but it touches upon some sad stuff, like poverty and starvation in Africa, which makes it seem as if they are trying to make part of it a joke. It was probably not their intention, so for this, I will add 2 points.  Also, the fact that Wakanda is going through similar fashion, jokes (The “What are those?” comment), and architecture as the outside world, it is pretty unrealistic. For that, I will deduct half a point.

The soundtrack by Kendrick Lamar was awesome, and this isn’t biased because I have never heard a Kendrick Lamar song. It went perfectly with the scenes it was in, so it deserves 2.5 points. Another great thing was the characters. Each of them worked perfectly together, and they were all likable (Especially T’challa’s sister). There were a lot of both awesome women and men in the movie, and that isn’t too frequent with action movies. For the characters, I award 3.5 points.

And finally, the character development was great. For example, T’challa got stronger, wiser, and more trusting. For this, I give 2 points. This gives Black Panther a whopping 9.5. Just to clarify, some people think that they are saying the Black Panther is the first movie about a black superhero (Clearly they have never seen Good Burger), but it is actually one of the first movies featuring an almost all-black cast.