8th Grade Boys Basketball

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8th grade boys basketball started on January 3, 2018. First of all, congratulations to the boys who made the team! This is the list of the 15 players who made it:

Mikai Blakeny

Cooper Coursey

Luke Courtney

Jason Cox

Ryan Gibbons

Reed Jensen

Carsen Kennedy

Cross Kubik

Jack Lusk

Cole Murrell

Carson Noel

Connor Owens

Andrew Robinson

Sam Snider

Anderson Underwood

Managers: Cayden Danzer and Drew Phillips

8th grade boys basketball practices and games go on at the same time as 7th grade. While 7th grade practices in the small gym after school, 8th grade practices in the big gym. After an hour they switch. On game days, if 7th grade has a home game, 8th grade plays away, and vice versa.

During practice, the players participate in timed drills. If they miss a certain amount of layups or other skills then they have to run down and backs. They also work on plays, participate in other types of drills that focus on different skills, and of course conditioning. Both the 7th and 8th grade teams run smalls, mediums, and larges. I almost got trampled by players running out of the gym to the hallways! I guess the motivation of water is enough to keep these players going.

The 8th grade team has 10 games in their season, including three championship games and a play in game. The championship game location varies as does the rest of the championship games. If Cherokee is the top seed and they are playing a seed lower than them, the game will be at Cherokee. Otherwise, it would be at the other team’s school. The championship game is held at one of the high schools in the school district. The 7th and 8th grade girls championship games were held at Glendale High School this past season, and the 7th and 8th grade boys will be at Kickapoo High School this year.

The 8th grade boys basketball team has a lot going for them this season. Win or lose, they work hard to get better and become teammates. At practice coaches Monroe and Kujath (or Coach K) work the players hard to help them achieve their goals. Playing basketball or any sport takes a lot of effort, dedication, and time, but playing in games, having fun with your teammates, and the “fun” practices are definitely worth it!


***Thank you to all of our wonderful coaches for all sports, not just basketball. But special thanks to basketball coaches Coach Gray, Coach Plank, Coach Dunn, Coach Brummel, Coach Ritter, Coach Monroe, and Coach Kujath or Coach K as he is usually known as, for spending your time helping us discover our true potential and coaching us on how to use that to get us far in life.***


Link to the 7th and 8th grade boys basketball schedules

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