7th Grade Boys Basketball

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On December 23 girls basketball ended. This was the last season for 7th grade girls basketball coach Gary Gray. Now his last 7th grade boys basketball season has begun. As a 7th grade girls basketball player, I can personally say how lucky these boys are to have the amazing Coach Gray in his last season after 30 years of coaching.

First off, congratulations to these boys who made to team. 16 out of around 33 boys made the team, so congrats to:

Mario Asimionese

Nathan Block

Peyton Blecha

Dayne Brown

Garett Catlett

Corbyn Clay

Harrison Doennig

Landon Keisker

Andrew Link

Cael McCarville

Trae Oetting

Brayden Shorter

Kaden Stuckey

Kyler Thompson

Evan Vienhage

Bryan Wamsher

Their manager, Jeffrey Bai, practices with them as well as films the games. There are 10 games in their season plus 3 tournament games and a play in game. This article will be separated into two sections: practices and game day.

I had the chance to step into a practice with two other people. My sister Alea and another girls basketball player Emma Howard joined me. Practices are always crammed to complete many different tasks. New techniques, skills, plays, etc are always being worked on. Ball handling, free throws, inbound plays, rebounding, and offensive and defensive plays are all examples of what players work on in practice. But we can’t forget the amount of conditioning both leagues do. They run lots of smalls, mediums, and larges around the school as well as down and backs, bleachers (running up and down the school bleachers over and over again), and around the gym. That’s just the running part! We must not forget the push-ups, burpees, and other exercises included.

Let’s talk coaches for a second. Coach Gray and Coach Ritter both are very loud! During practice, the air was always filled with them yelling encouragement, fixing flaws in plays, and basically whipping the team into shape. But at the end of the day, all they want is for the team to work together and get better together. As Coach Gray always says, “You’ll never have another moment like this.” The coaches are the glue that holds the team together. There wouldn’t be a boys basketball team without them.

I went to a 7th grade boys basketball home game against Reed. Everyone was expecting a good game, and it was! Threes were drained, free throws made, plays ran, and our defense, well, defended. Overall it was a fun game to watch. Both A and B did well, and I expect both teams will do well in the future. The B team starters are Andrew Link, Nathan Block, Bryan Wamsher, Kyler Thompson, and Evan Vienhage. The A team starters are Trae Oetting, Mario Asimionese, Landon Keisker, Harrison Doenning, and Brayden Shorter. Although any B team player who proves that they can has the chance to play for the A team at any time.  

The 7th grade boys basketball season will be a very fun season to watch! Our team is going to be very good this year and the other teams will be good competition. So if you ever have the chance, come watch one of their games and be prepared for a fun time!

Note: Emma Howard’s best friend is Landon Keisker. She wanted me to say that. 🙂


***Thank you to all of our wonderful coaches for all sports, not just basketball. Although special thanks to basketball coaches Coach Gray, Coach Plank, Coach Dunn, Coach Brummel, Coach Ritter, Coach Monroe, and Coach Kujath or Coach K as he is usually known as, for spending your time helping us discover our true potential and coaching us on how to use that to get us far in life.***


Link to the 7th and 8th grade boys basketball schedules   

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