Different Brands of Virtual Reality

This is a Virtual Reality controller from Samsung.

Have you ever wanted to travel to a far-off place? See what dogs see? With virtual reality, you can experience anything! A trip to Disney world,  in your favorite game,  you name it and you can get it into VR (virtual reality) mode! Now you can escape reality.

Virtual Reality uses a headset that you slip over your head. Insert your Phone,  download apps or simply look up 360 videos on YouTube. When you buy the headset it will probably come with a little, curved controller. This controller allows you to control some apps. Warning these do not work with all apps.

Google Cardboard Virtual Reality set.

Maybe you want a virtual reality. A good choice (and a cheap one)With just the price of 25 dollars for 2, would be Google Cardboard. You will have the same experience as the expensive ones. One thing about it, it probably would damage more easily. The front flap of it flips out and you put your phone in two cardboard pieces.

Another choice is the PlayStation VR. This VR works with any PlayStation console. For this VR headset, you do have to have a modern phone like an iPhone 7 or up same with the Samsung. It is fairly large so keep in mind you have to have a big enough space to have your console and your VR headset to go on. You can this between 400 and 500 dollars.

The PlayStation VR headset.

The next one is called Google Daydream View. This one is a headset type mobile which means you can do it with your phone. The controls are a handheld remote. This headset cost up to 99 dollars without tax. You can also connect it to your PC (computer).

This is Google’s Daydream View VR headset with the remote.

Now for the Samsung Gear VR. This can use your phone. You can either use the other handheld remote or there is a touchpad on the side of the headset. These cost up to 80 dollars. The rating is 3 and a half stars.

Some tips on taking care of your headset. First off keep it away from siblings whichever headset you choose it will most likely be stolen by your sibling. Make sure to keep the lenses clean. Keep all pieces together! Hope you have fun with your headset.