Paddington 2


On Friday, January 12, the movie Paddington 2 was released to theaters. With Ben Whishaw voicing over Paddington, Hugh Grant playing Phoenix, Brendan Gleeson playing Knuckles, and all of the same actors playing the Brown’s, this movie is sure to be a hit.

The film starts itself out with showing how Aunt Lucy and Uncle Pastuzo found Paddington in the first place. Then it traces itself back to London with Paddington searching through Mr. Bruner’s antique shop looking for the perfect gift for Aunt Lucy’s birthday. He ends up finding an old pop-up book of London. Although it’s very expensive, Paddington sets his mind to buy that book. Lots of laughs and a few jobs later, the book is stolen. Paddington is blamed and put on trial for the theft. After being found guilty, he is sent to jail. While Paddington is making friends with his inmates, the Brown’s are busy trying to prove that Paddington is innocent. This sends all of the characters on some wild adventures, Paddington especially.

This must-see heartfelt family movie is sure to have you falling out of your seat laughing. If all you want to see is a happy movie that is sure to make you smile, then be sure to see Paddington 2.