Tide Pod Challenge

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This zombie makeup was done by an eighth grader, Katy LaPoint. This picture was posted on Instagram by the account, @katys_specialeffects. Using her makeup she spread awareness by explaining the dangers of the Tide Pod Challenge.

There have been many challenges to hit social media, some made huge differences for the better in the lives of people like during the ASL Ice Bucket challenge. Some have killed many people, like the Bath Salt challenge. But so far, one of the top five deadliest challenges is the Tide Pod challenge. It is unknown, or unsaid, who started the challenge.

In the Tide Pod challenge, people take Tide Pod laundry detergent and bite into it. Some people will even try frying it and then try to see how long they can chew on it. Over 500 people have been admitted to hospitals all over the country because they tried to eat a Tide Pod. Because of all the people that tried to eat Tide Pods, stores now have to lock them up in glass cases. ย Please, DO NOT EAT TIDE PODS!

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