Mr. Schreiner Staff Spotlight


Madison Arthur

Mr. Schreiner, Cherokee's assistant principal, is always happy and loves interacting with students and teachers.

Throughout the day at lunch, you see a friendly face who is always coming by with a joke and a smile. This man is Mr. Schreiner: our assistant principal who has been here for five years. He is always kind and helps deal with all of the issues that happen at school. He also helps Dr. Powers ( our recent state recognized principal ) with whatever is needed. He comes by to the different classrooms on Friday and says thanks to all the teacher with candy and a smile.

Mr. Schreiner grew up in a small town called Jenkins, Missouri right outside of Cassville. He had a big family and a farm. As he grew up and wanted to become a doctor, he ended up at Cherokee five years ago and loves every bit of it.

When he was asked what his favorite part was he said how he loved getting to interact with teachers. Outside of Cherokee he loves farming and playing with his dog Henry. He likes to grow soybean and wheat. Make sure to give Mr. Schreiner a big smile because he does so much that we don’t even know about.