NJHS Current Events



Everyone knows that NJHS (National Junior Honor Society) always is working on helping the community. They have been doing many events, but they have an event coming up. I interviewed Mr. Petree about this, and he gave me some good information!


STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) is one of the events that have already happened (if I’m not mistaken), but 20 NJHS students went over to Mc. Bride Elementary to show off projects related to STEAM, a role model for elementary students, and run booths.


Ozark Food Harvest is also one of the events that have already happened. We have stocked 9 full pallets of boxes, ending up at about 491 boxes, each box around 8 feet tall. The proceeds go to elders, and each box feeds one elder for 1+ month(s).


NJHS also hosted the Food Fight, but it is over. We have stocked 20+ boxes full of food. Congrats everyone!


The Blood Drive is coming up soon, February 26, in the cafeteria. This is the largest blood drive in the region. Make sure you convince your parents to come – one donation can save three lives!


These are all of the current events for NJHS, but while I was interviewing Mr. Petree, he gave me some extra information I thought would be nice to include:

~NJHS Currently has 62 members.

~They have spent 2033 hours this year volunteering.

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