Switzerland Bans Boiling Lobsters Alive



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In the past, Switzerland has been boiling lobsters. But the twist is… that they were being boiled alive! Now, Switzerland has banned throwing the lobsters into boiling water while they are still conscious. They have stopped doing this because apparently, the lobsters are capable of feeling pain due to their nervous systems. Ouch.


From March 2018, lobsters that are planned to be boiled must be knocked out or killed instantly before being thrown into a pot of boiling water. They might also get more protections in the future, but those are not known yet, other than live lobsters cannot be transported on ice or in ice water, since that is taking them from their natural habitat.


Lobsters may make serious life or death decisions while in pain. According to experiments, hermit crabs were exposed to large electric shock, and those hermit crabs abandoned their shell.


“They are really giving up a very valuable resource that means life to them, essentially, in order to escape from the noxious stimulus,” says Elwood, a man who has done many experiments to prove that boiling crustaceans alive is not humane. Elwood is pleased that the Swiss government is considering his data.


This law won’t make lobster illegal to eat, but their way of killing will be better now. An experienced chef should cut right into the head of a lobster with a sharp knife, then cut along the center of its body, causing the lobster to die quickly and efficiently. There is also a device called the Crustastun, which destroys the lobster’s nervous system, allowing it to die quickly.


It is hoped that it will be discouraged to boil or even cut off the limbs of the crustacean while the lobster is still alive.

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