2017 Fall Dance


The November 17th dance was truly one for the books. I can give it nothing but praise for the incredible decorations, delicious food, and impeccable song choices.

Starting in the food area, there was a large selection of doughnuts, candy, finger food, and much MUCH more. There were gorgeously decorated tables, that were the perfect mix of rustic and classy, which fit the “Into the Woods” theme perfectly. The food was gone by the end of the night and I can honestly say that no one was surprised.

Fall dance

Moving into the actual dance floor, this might have even been better than the food. It was the Utopia of Cherokee for one amazing night. Everybody was crowded around one another, dancing until their feet fell off, enjoying the upbeat and energetic music, with a glow on each of their faces. The large dance circles became so irresistibly fun, that even Coach Gray and other staff members got in on the action too. The bright lights bouncing around the room and the smiling teenagers created a wonderfully carefree and lighthearted evening.

I also must praise the amazing decorating committee, who made the plain gym into a felicitously furbished dance floor. Honestly, the dance was one memorable evening and I can’t wait to see if the Winter Dance, in February, can top it. Happy December Cherokee!