Rare Pink Dolphins


Description: Pink Dolphins (also known as Amazon River Dolphins) are a rare species of dolphin that have a pink color to them. They have a long nose or hole at the top of its head, and they have black teeth. They are the largest river dolphin. Pink Dolphins are larger than the average human. Some conservation parks help Pink Dolphins that might be hurt, and then they rehabilitate them and send them on their way back to their habitat.

Diet: Pink Dolphins like to eat crabs, catfish, small fish, and turtles. Turtles have to mainly be caught at the bottom of the river. Pink Dolphins mostly spend their time looking at the bottom of the river for food. You may rarely see them at the top of the river.

Habitat: You may think that Amazon River Dolphins live in Amazon Rivers. Well, you are partly right. Pink Dolphins live only in freshwater throughout the Amazon and Orinoco river basins. You may rarely see them, but if you do, then you will be one of the lucky people to get to see one swimming most likely at the top of the water.

Why is This Dolphin Pink?: Some say they are pink because of the body of water they live in. Others say it’s because the food they eat. The truth is it is because of their blood vessels. They have thin skin and their blood vessels are underneath the skin, which makes their skin to appear pink. Their skin can change when they are happy or nervous, and they can blush like humans!

Are They Real or Fake?: In conclusion, Pink Dolphins are real. They have been spotted and tested, which proves that Pink Dolphins are in fact real.