Chromebook Help


Chromebook Help

There are tons of extensions for your Chromebook, but are all of them useful? Sometimes working on a Chromebook is hard, and that is where these extensions come in. This article will inform you of the most useful extensions for Chromebooks.

When you are working on assignments, Web Paint is very useful. You can write on the page, so sorting is much easier. It comes with multiple tools, so you can pass any obstacle in your work.

Momentum is a great tool for remembering what to do. It has a to-do list, so if you have something you need to do, but just can’t remember, you have a solution. If you want to know the weather, there’s a tool for that.

Save to Pocket is good for writing essays and studying because if you find a good article, you can view it while looking at another tab. Usually it is a huge and annoying hassle switching tabs, accidentally closing some, creating a doomsday device, you get the gist. You might be skeptical, but trust me. It helps.

The Great Suspender is useful when you are multitasking. It suspends unused tabs to free up space. Of course, you could also press ctrl-n and create a new set of tabs, but this is smoother.

If you are in a group for a project, working at home is much easier. Google Hangouts provides free group chat in your browser, allowing you to talk with group members while working on projects. Google Hangouts also provides text and other forms of communication.

You might have found other helpful extensions. If you want to share it and help people below by commenting, please do so! You can comment by scrolling down and filling in the boxes, then pressing comment.