Dance Is A Sport

Is dance a sport? That is a controversial question among some athletes these days. What do I think? From a dancer’s perspective, dance is definitely a sport. By definition, a sport is any activity that requires physical exertion, skill, and can compete in some way. Dance meets all three of those requirements. I’ll explain to you how.

My first reason is that, by definition, a sport is any activity involving physical exertion. There’s no question over whether or not dance requires physical effort. Dancing for several hours a week is nothing uncommon in the life of a dancer. We’re on our feet for seven-eighths of that time.

Secondly, dancing definitely requires skill and talent. Any dancer would tell you, mastering turns is just one of the core skills.  They look so easy when watching an advanced dancer, but they are anything but simple.  Can you turn on one foot with the other foot in the perfect position held firmly against your knee or extended away from your body, and have your toes pointed? Now try to do the same thing elevated on your toes. Think that isn’t hard enough yet? Try to do all of that, except this time, do it three times in a row without stopping, turning your head at the perfect time so you don’t become dizzy and you can keep dancing as soon as soon as you finish turning. Think it all sounds easy? I dare you to try it.

Finally, dancing is a very competitive sport.  Most larger dance studios have a competitive team, whether they call it a troupe or a company. Teams will go to competitions and compete using their dances with those of other teams. Awards and placements are given based on points earned for skill and presentation.  

Now that you have seen the reasons for my opinion that dance is a sport, ask yourself, what do I think? I hope the next time you are enjoying watching someone dance,  you’ll consider this, and agree that dance is a sport.