See You at the Pole

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A couple of weeks ago on Thursday, September 27, a bunch of kids from the club FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) and other Christians from around the school met at the flagpole in front of Cherokee Middle School. In fact, it was not only Cherokee’s See at the Pole day, it was National See You at the Pole day. For those of you who don’t know what this Christian day of fellowship and prayer is, it’s a day where Christians gather around the American Flag and have a time of worship and, of course, prayer.

Christian students gather around to pay respects to their country and religion.

I interviewed Kelsey Catlett, a member of FCA, who attended See you at the Pole. Kelsey said that at Cherokee’s See you at the Pole, an 8th grade girl named Courtney sang two worship songs to kick them off. Then a pastor came up and sang another song as other people joined the group from the bus.

She said that while they were singing, it started raining, so they prayed under the awning. The pastor prayed out loud while the kids were encouraged to pray for personal things in their heads. Kelsey said they prayed for the school year, churches, and our nation. Then the kids were invited to pray by themselves for other things that they personally wanted to pray for.

So why is See you at the Pole important? Why couldn’t we just have a prayer session every week? Well, Kelsey thinks that See you at the Pole provides a chance for Christians to get together and pray for important matters in our community. As for there not being a See you at the Pole every week? Kelsey said that when there’s just one see you at the pole, it makes it a special occasion, not something you can skip one week saying, “Oh I’ll just go next week. No big deal.” I asked Kelsey why she thinks that this prayer gathering is around the flagpole. Her response was, “The pole, it’s not just a pole. It’s the American Flag.” Because of this, Kelsey thinks that it’s more respectful to our country if we pray around the American Flag instead of just in another room. We are showing more respect to our country if we are linking arms, holding hands, and circling the flagpole. After all, the United States’ pledge of allegiance says, “One nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.” So if we are going to pray for our country, why not show some respect not only to God but also to our nation? 

I asked Kelsey if she had any final thoughts on the subject. This is what she told me: “Everybody should go. It’s really respectful.” So next year, when the fourth Wednesday of September rolls around, meet at the flagpole and watch the power of God through Christians joined together praying for our great nation and school.  

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