Faculty Spotlight: Mrs. Breese

17 Years

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Mrs. Breese is a Social Studies teacher for 6th grade at Cherokee Middle School. She also sponsors the Debate Club, and has led the club to many victories over the last three years. Mrs. Breese has been teaching for 17 years at Cherokee and many more years at Fort Leonard Wood. Fort Leonard Wood is between Rolla and Lebanon. Mrs. Breese taught other grades besides 6th grade, she taught 2nd, 7th, and 8th grades. Mrs. Breese said that her 5th grade teacher, Mrs.Smith, and her 7th-grade teacher, Mr.Smith, were here inspiration to become a teacher. Her favorite history topic is the American Constitution. Also, if you do not know Mrs. Breese, she travels a lot and her favorite country she has been to is Germany because of the food and the scenery. Mrs. Breese is and amazing person and is just very nice. This will be Mrs. Breese’s last year at Cherokee as she is retiring. If you see her in the hall make sure to say hello and give her a great farewell.

Have fun in retirement, Mrs. Breese!

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23 Responses to “Faculty Spotlight: Mrs. Breese”

  1. Teresa Breese on May 9th, 2017 3:13 pm

    Thank You Kyle for the great article. I will miss Cherokee terribly, but I look forward to spending time with my family and friends.

  2. Claire Mortimer on May 10th, 2017 8:29 am

    That was a really good story i liked how you included many personal facts about her not just teaching.

  3. Gillian Charlton on May 10th, 2017 9:06 am

    Cool facts. 🙂

  4. Julia Klein on May 10th, 2017 9:08 am

    Great job Kyle! This was a very interesting article with many different facts!!

  5. Campbell on May 10th, 2017 9:09 am

    This was a very good article, and I will miss Mrs. Breese very much!!

  6. Alyssa VanPelt on May 10th, 2017 9:14 am

    I really liked this story good job kyle I liked how you put personal facts about mrs.breese and put things other than just teaching.

  7. Sam Weiner on May 10th, 2017 9:15 am

    Good job Kyle. I like how you included where she taught before Cherokee.

  8. kaiden kristek on May 10th, 2017 9:16 am

    That was a amazing story and you did very well not putting too much not important facts

  9. Noah on May 10th, 2017 9:23 am

    That was a good article I wish Mrs. Breese could have stayed to see my brother

  10. Whitney Fearing on May 10th, 2017 9:29 am

    This was a great article, it informed me about a lot of facts and stuff I didn’t know about Mrs. Breese.

  11. Cayci on May 10th, 2017 1:15 pm

    Mrs. Breese is one of my favorite teachers and this had a lot of more fun facts about her!

  12. Cael McCarville on May 10th, 2017 1:18 pm

    This was a good article. I liked that it included many facts. Very well written.

  13. shyann brown on May 10th, 2017 1:23 pm

    We will all miss mrs.Breese and I loved this story so much.

  14. Nicky Dooty on May 10th, 2017 1:31 pm

    I think this is very well put together Kyle you did an excellent job I really think it was good that you did not put any un-needed facts or opinions in here. Also you did not make it boring you made it really exciting and interesting I think you should continue writing stories because you did so good. Thanks for putting your time and effort into this awesome story.

  15. Morgan Wheeler on May 10th, 2017 1:42 pm

    Good job Kyle!!! I hope Mrs. Breese has a good retirement, she is a pretty good teacher.

  16. Sophie on May 10th, 2017 2:10 pm

    I didn’t know she had an inspiration as a kid

  17. ethan palmet on May 10th, 2017 2:39 pm

    i did not know the mrs.breeses favorite country was Germany and we will all miss you mrs.breese.

  18. Tabby Baltes on May 12th, 2017 9:54 am

    Love this article. You included many personal facts not just her teaching and school related abilities. Many details were included and lots of interesting points. Well done. And, love Mrs. Breese!

  19. McKenzie Lowry on May 12th, 2017 12:54 pm

    we will miss you Mrs. Breese!!

  20. Reagan Wilson on May 12th, 2017 12:57 pm

    I really liked the information in this article and thought that is was put to together well.

  21. Sabrina Jones on May 12th, 2017 1:36 pm

    Good informational article! Bye Mrs.Breese! We will miss you!

  22. Nathan Swenson on May 12th, 2017 2:18 pm

    I loved this article!

  23. Kylea Smith on May 15th, 2017 1:40 pm

    I loved this article!! i like how you put alot of facts not just about her teaching but about her! she will be greatly missed!!!!

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